About Mack Worley III:

Mack Worley III retired from the United States Air Force in 2012 after serving approximately six years as Security Forces. During his service, Mack provided security for nuclear ICBMs and was the ANCOIC of the largest armory under Air Force control. 

In 2013, Mack was unlawfully arrested for legally open carrying a firearm in an effort to spread firearm awareness. He has been fighting for gun rights and individual liberty ever since, both in court and through activism.​ Mack is currently working on his BA in Political Science and plans to go to law school upon completion. He hopes to become a constitutional lawyer in order to help others who find themselves in similar situations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does OM mean?

A: It is the phonetic alphabet for On The Move.

Q: Why is your channel named "On The Move"?

A: I hope to inspire people to become activists. I am trying to save our freedoms and I will need help to do it. We all need to get on the move to do this.

Mack started a YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/OnTheMoveShow) and Podcast (http://spreaker.com/onthemoveshow), because he felt compelled to speak about individual rights, liberty and free market solutions to the problems we face. He's working to spread the message of liberty to anyone who will listen. Mack hopes to inspire others to become activists and leaders in their own communities. Tune in to "On The Move with Mack Worley" every Sunday at 8 pm ET to get involved.